Welcome to Shake and Snack, Burford’s best milkshake, smoothie, coffee, hot chocolate and tea shop.

We specialise in offering the best drink and food experience around because with us a milkshake is not just a drink – it’s an experience!


Milkshake shake and snack

With hundreds of fillings and dozens of toppings there are literally millions of combinations to choose from, find out more here


smoothie1Fruit of vegetable? You choose, we will then blend it with one of our special juices to make a tasty, refreshing and healthy drink. Find out more here

Hot Chocolate

milkAll hot chocolates are the same aren’t they? – No they most certainly are not. We offer the regular Cadbury cocoa powder hot chocolate but at the same time we offer the luxury real melted chocolate experience, available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate or sugar free chocolate we steam fresh milk and blend in real chocolate shavings to create a delicious, luxurious drink. Included in the price of the luxury chocolate is a syrup flavour of your choice, whether you choose toffee apple or gingerbread, salted caramel or eggnog you are guaranteed a treat. Have a look at our syrups here